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Who we are

Loose Tie Events

Festor is fully committed to creating Loose Tie Events, meaning that we design events in an informal sphere. We draw up events where everyone feels nice and welcome. Our vision is that guests as well as hosts should feel 100% comfortable. The tie does not always have to be tied to the notch. No rigid and stiff gatherings, but warm and enjoyable happenings, that’s what Festor is all about.

The tie may be loose, but that doesn’t mean our organisation is. Festor holds certain values in high regard, which translates into a strong mindset, a clear vision and a set of powerful strengths.

What we stand for

Festor aims to build unique concepts from start to finish based on your idea. We design, plan and manage events completely according to your wishes. Our Festive Creators model concepts that breathe creativity and originality. The sky is the limit at Festor. We aim to realize your most crazy ideas. By combining creativity and resourcefulness, we produce one-off experiences that inspire and connect people.

Festive Creators like to think beyond the ordinary and strive to do more than is expected. We aspire to be innovative and sustainable in everything we do and keep on setting high standards to create beautiful experiences.
If one thing, Festor does what it promises. We make sure that everything that’s agreed is also realised. No surprises, no setbacks and no failures: at Festor, we are solution-minded. Efficiency is not a synonym for quick and hasty work, it means that we operate thoroughly and professionally while pursuing the most effective and smoothest methods. This way Festor guarantees reliable, solid and fluent events.
Operational Reliability
Our operational strength is an asset that we’re very proud of. Festor excels at event production. We have our own in-house team of employees who are devoted to bringing every event to a successful conclusion down to the last detail. Get rid of all the stress and concerns that normally accompany organizing an event. We handle every aspect of your happening or gathering from A till Z. Our operational excellence ensures that you can fully enjoy your own event without any worries or troubles. As life’s too short to be worrying about the boring things, we’ll deal with them.
Festor is a Belgian event management and production agency. We offer unforgettable experiences with a team driven by an unconditional work ethic and personal care for clients.What's important to us is that we work with you to build engaging, valuable, safe and innovative event experiences. Experiences that are truly connected to your vision, brand identity and organizational message. Whether your event is LIVE, HYBRID OR VIRTUAL, we bring a creative mind and a field of project management experience to help bring your event story to life.

Creativity combined
& open communication

Festive Creators like to think beyond the ordinary and strive to do more than is expected.
We truly believe in the power of meaning, and that's why it works. It's the recipe behind every loose-tie event.

Driven by experience, guided by passion,


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